Trinity Innovation Fund Receive “2022 China Venture Awards” for Top 50 Early-stage VC Institutions in China
2023-05-19 18:23

On May 19, 2023, China Venture released the list of VC and PE "2022 China Venture Awards". With our profound industry understanding and well-recognized investment results in the past year, Trinity Innovation Fund was awarded the Top 50 Best Early-stage VC Institutions in China in the "2022 China Venture Awards".


The list has been published for the 17th consecutive year by China Venture, an independent third-party organization. Partnering with CVSource, the China Venture Research Institute studies the extensive data and defines the 2022 awards list. More than a thousand active investment institutions in the private equity investment industry have been covered in the scope. The list is publicly recognized for its professionalism, authority, and rigour. It is also well-known as the industry marker of China’s fund managers and is currently serving as one of the considerations for many large-scale institutional LPs developing their partnerships.


Trinity Innovation Fund was awarded the following at the 2022 China Venture Awards: 

 - Top 50 Best Early-stage Venture Capital Institutions in China



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See the full list at: Release of the 2022 annual China Venture Award list