Who Are We
Trinity Innovation
Bioventure Singapore

Trinity Innovation Bioventure Singapore is a licensed biomed venture capital fund focusing on innovation and value investment with deep insight and experience on Asia markets.

We are part of the Trinity Innovation Fund group, founded in 2018, managing multiple VC funds in the region.

We are an experienced team led by industrial veterans who have managed multiple VC funds and invested over dozens of biotech companies.

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Our Team
  • Jack Yin Zheng
    Founding Partner
    Jack Yin Zheng
    Founding Partner

    Leading Venture Capitalist with great track record from VCs, global Pharma Industry and Universities, the lead investors for several Biotech companies currently listed globally.

    Ph.D. of Science, National University of Singapore.

  • David Wang Xukun
    David Wang Xukun

    20 years of experience in biomedical research, operation, and business development in pharm industry, focus to identify the emerging innovation and value for new drug development.

    Ph.D. of Biological Sciences and MBA, National University of Singapore.

  • Thomas Keller
    Investment Partner
    Thomas Keller
    Investment Partner

    Leading scientist and drug discovery management executive in global Pharma company and Singapore Government research institutes; expert in modern drug discovery, preclinical development and platform technologies.

    PhD in organic chemistry, University of British Columbia, Canada.

  • Ivan Cao
    Investment Partner
    Ivan Cao
    Investment Partner

    20 years of experience in private equity, served in Asia-focused venture companies as vice president and managing partner. Founding partner of one of the top-tier healthcare investment funds in China. 

    Executive-MBA, China Europe International Business School. MBA, Peking University.

  • Langdon Wu
    Managing Director
    Langdon Wu
    Managing Director

    Seasoned business leader and strategic consultant in fortune global 500 companies, focus on creation and implementation of the value opportunities in biomedical companies.

    Executive-MBA, National University of Singapore.

  • Weiming Chen
    Senior Investment Manager
    Weiming Chen
    Senior Investment Manager

    6 years in biogical research with passions to discover and partner with the first-in-class biomedical start ups achieving the best value for the patients, entraprenurs, and the communities.

    Ph.D. of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore.