Epigenic Therapeutics Raises USD 32 Million in Series A Funding
2023-09-05 15:39

On 30th August 2023, Epigenic Therapeutics, a TIBS-invested company, announced that it has raised USD 32 million in Series A round of financing co-led by Qiming Venture Partners and OrbiMed, with participation from existing investor Morningside Venture Capital. This round of financing will support the preclinical development and early clinical validation of two leading programs, the discovery of future pipelines, the expansion of the leadership team, and continued investments in the company's core technology platforms.


Epigenic Therapeutics’ proprietary technology platform EPIREG™ employs its own artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to explore and obtain an optimized CRISPR-Cas component to regulate target gene(s) or govern the expression of one or multiple gene(s) at once without changing the sequence of the DNA. EPIREG™ can overcome the potential risks arising from DNA cleavage including but not limited to off-target effect, short half-life, and challenging patient compliance issues. Combining a proprietary lipid nanoparticle (LNP) medicine delivery system, this platform has been proven to deliver medicine precisely and efficiently to target cells and tissues ex-vivo and in-vivo in metabolic, cardiovascular, viral hepatitis, ocular and rare disease models. By modulating gene expression(s), EPIREG™ is expected to achieve potent and durable silencing of target gene(s) to provide revolutionary and novel solutions to patients with chronic diseases. 

Epigenic Therapeutics is a frontier biotechnology company dedicated to developing next-generation gene editing therapy utilising the regulation of epigenetic genome(s) for a variety of diseases. Founded in 2021 by leading scientists focused on discovering and developing gene editing technology and therapies, the company has multiple product candidates, including treatment for metabolic, cardiovascular, viral hepatitis, ocular and rare diseases. TIBS invested in Epigenic Therapeutics in July 2022.


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