TIBS Launches Its First Incubation in Singapore by Investing US$15M in Axcynsis Therapeutics to Revolutionize Targeted Cancer Treatments
2022-05-04 08:00

Together with its affiliates, TIBS has recently made a US$15M seed round investment in Axcynsis Therapeutics. 

Axcynsis Therapeutics, incorporated in March 2022, is a Singapore-based biotechnology company focusing on discovery and development of novel antibody drug conjugate (ADC) therapeutics. Company CEO, Dr. ZOU Bin possesses deep knowledge and experience in drug discovery, operation management and investment; In addition, he is an extremely enthusiastic entrepreneur (ever created two biotechnology startups). Before Tetris, Dr. ZOU was CEO of TIBS.

ADC consists of three components and building blocks: antibody, drug payload, and linker. Different design and placement of building blocks will result in distinct clinical outcomes. It represents one of the fastest growing fields in cancer therapy with a market size projected to exceed US$16 Billion by 2026. 

With the seed round funding, Axcynsis will build up an experienced R&D team, establish a comprehensive technology platform including payload linker library, and develop a robust pipeline targeting first-in-class and best-in-class ADCs to fulfill global unmet medical needs. 

Investment in Axcynsis has set the first cornerstone for TIBS in Singapore, to well reflect our philosophy of combining technology, professional manager and investment to nurture great biotechnology companies. We believe Axcynsis has huge potential in developing innovative medicines for patients in need. TIBS will continue to support Tetris with our integrated resources in biomedical sector across the regions.