Bluepha Selected as “Top 10 Social Enterprises” for 2022 For Good Awards
2022-12-07 09:00

On December 1, 2022, the annual conference "Social Responsibility to Social Value" officially announced the winners of the 2022 "For Good Awards". A TIBS invested company, Bluepha Microbial (Bluepha), was selected as one of the "Top 10 Social Enterprises", awarding its innovative eco-friendly products, excellent governance and management practice in area of Environment, Social, Governance (ESG).

Bluepha is a biomanufacturing and material innovation company using an array of cutting-edge technologies including synthetic biology, data science and automation, to constantly deliver products meeting innovative demands in consumer goods, healthcare, agriculture, electronics and more. By creating the innovative materials, Bluepha brings substantial and sustainable solutions for current and future generations.


"Organised by the Caixin Global, the For Good Awards is China's first annual philanthropic awards for social enterprises, responsible investment organizations in China with world-class leading ESG practices. The For Good Award is to encourage the launch of best-in-class ESG practices to create sustainable social value through business and technology innovation, and to promote enterprises and investment organizations through industry benchmarking. The winners of this awards demonstrate that integrating social value into the company missions can bring a more resilient life journey to the enterprises and investment institutions in exploring a new era of the second revenue growth.

As a winner of this award, Bluepha has constantly focused on social responsibilities and social value. Since 2021, Bluepha has launched the structured approach for ESG management. In June 2022, Bluepha, as the first synthetic biology company in China, became a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), committing the social responsibility for this planet.


In 2022, Bluepha launched a series of ESG initiatives, including the setup of “Green” procurement system and the pilot program of carbon emission management. Together with PwC, Bluepha published the "PHA Biodegradable Plastics Industry White Paper", which combines Bluepha's business practice with PwC's expertise on the macro development trend for the biodegradable materials industry. The White Paper provides a guideline for the technology development for the new generation of “carbon neutral” biomaterials.

We like to congratulate Bluepha being awarded for “Top 10 Social Enterprises”. As a responsible investment institution, TIBS commits to work together with companies like Bluepha to deliver our ESG mission. We will continue to deliver our social responsibilities to create more innovative products and sustainable solutions for the humans’ future life.