Shanghai Argo Biopharmaceutical Completed US$ 42 million in Series A+ financing, led by SDIC Investment
2023-11-14 13:35

Recently, Shanghai Argo Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd (Argo Biopharma) announced the completion of US$ 42 million in Series A+ financing. This round of financing is led by SDIC Investment, with participation from Huagai Capital, Yuanxi Haihe Fund, and TIBS. This round of financing will be used to further promote the global development of four clinical pipelines and multiple preclinical candidate drug molecules. (PCC) discovery, modification platform and extra-hepatic delivery technology platform upgrades, as well as improving the company's professional team, to maintain a high level of competitiveness in the field of siRNA drugs.

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Argo Biopharma was established in April 2021, focusing on the development of siRNA (oligonucleic acid) drugs. It was founded by a team of scientists with rich experience in siRNA drug development. The company is committed to developing a new generation of siRNA drugs to provide better treatments that are much needed by patients around the world. The team has many years of professional experience in the entire process of siRNA drug development such as nucleic acid sequence design, chemical modification, GalNAc delivery technology, extra-hepatic tissue targeted delivery technology, oligonucleotide synthesis, CMC, and has established a complete siRNA drug development platform. Argo Biopharma has previously completed US$ 4 million in angel round financing and over US$ 56 million in Series A financing.


siRNA is new technology that have emerged in recent years. They have the advantages of multiple drug targets, strong drug efficacy, good safety, and low dosing frequency. According to statistics, as of September 2023, 6 siRNA drugs have been approved globally, and more than 50 siRNA pipeline collaborations have been completed, with a total transaction value of nearly US$ 20 billion.

TIBS continues to be optimistic about the siRNA sector and is actively deploying in this sector. As a shareholder, we will join hands with Argo Biopharma to jointly solve unmet clinical needs and benefit more patients.